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Home Away From Home

Relax and enjoy a stroll through our gardens like you would on a nice day at home. It really is the place to stay when you’re away!

Conference Room

Professional conference facilities available for meeting and function hire.


We will be delighted to cater for your corporate or private conference or function with full catering options available by our Head Chef.

Conference facilities including catering & equipment can be arranged with notice.

Free wireless internet connectivity.

Fax and copying available.


Sculpted Gardens

The Chinchilla Great Western Motor Inn provides relaxed, comfortable accommodation within nearly 6 acres of park like gardens.

Great Western Motor Inn


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    Chinchilla Accommodation Great Western Motor Inn

    This well appointed 26 room motel offers queen size beds, flat screen TVs, Austar, FREE secure wireless internet connectivity, split system air conditioning/heating, guest laundry, swimming pool and plenty of car parking space for vehicles, trailers and caravans.

    Our comfortable restaurant and licenced bar provides quality cuisine five days a week or seven day room service should you prefer. Continental buffet breakfast is available Tuesday to Friday in our Restaurant or a hearty country style cooked breakfast to start the day, this is dependent on Conferences held in this room. However, Breakfast to your Room is available 7 Days.  Packed lunches can be provided daily.

    We will be delighted to cater for your corporate or private conference or function.

    Whether it be the memory of strolling through our beautiful lawns, or an exchange with our delightful and friendly staff you experience of staying at the Chinchilla Great Western Motor Inn will be a positive one.